If you just want the complete skin list so far, here it is!

Feel free to edit when you found a new skin and wanted to share it to the others or when there is an error.

A Edit

Adventure Time by Rolling Boy

Alice Margatroid by MLGnom

AlterNeo by OsuMe65

Android 4 Kitkat by -makoto yuki

Applejack by ztrot and


AXIOM by crystalsuicune

Azure Fusion by Garin

B Edit

Baka Accurate by GraysonnG

Basic skin, the second innovation by vahn10   

Black Shine by Chikilin00

Blackout 2 by Lolzep

Bubble Style by Haskorion

C Edit

Chaosu by Chaoslitz

Colette by -makoto yuki

Comfort by Haskorion

D Edit

DJMax Osuka by Xiao  

DJMax Osuka 2 by Xiao

DJMax Trilogy by TouchFluffyTail

E Edit

Elek-Taiko by Elekyon

F Edit

Flandre Scarlet by MLGnom

Flat Surroundings by Haskorion

Formal & Simple by Martinawa Hatsuhi

Full Color Skin by JeMhUnTeR    

G Edit

Gumi by elzapatoverde

H Edit

Hakurei Reimu by MLGnom

Hanami by Raidexx

Hatsune Miku Test by elzapatoverde

Hexarcle by BDWZ

I Edit

IA - Aria on the Planetes by Elzapatoverde

Izayoi Sakuya by MLGnom

K Edit

Kagerou Project/Mekaku City Actors by elzapatoverde

Kirisame Marisa by MLGnom 

Kochiya Sanae by MLGnom

Kurokami's skin by Kurokami    

L Edit

Lithe by Xiao

Loli by HandHeldPillow

Lorem Ipsum by Elzapatoverde

♥ loveHeart by Rebecca

Love Live by RainAid

Luminance - The Science of Color by Uruoki

M Edit

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha by MLGnom

Megpoid Gumi by elzapatoverde

Metal Gear osu! by Garin

Metalic by Sirade

Minimalist by Inori

Minimalist Miku by [Garin

N Edit

[Nightcore HD] by evil_genius    

Nacho ♥ Mau by Rolling Boy  

NeOsu by OsuMe65  

NeOsu 2 by OsuMe65    

NeOsu 3 by OsuMe65    

NeOsu 5 (NeOsu Surge) by OsuMe65    

Neo Street by OsuMe65

NeOsu Symphonia by OsuMe65

Neon Flower Style by Haskorion

NeonFX by O2MasterFX

Nexus Slate & Ivory by Xiao

Northen Ocean Hime by -[Jess-] 

O Edit

O2Jam U Ultimate by MeowPaz

Ōkami - 大 by elzapatoverde

Orange skin by Inori    

osu! Ends With You by awp

P Edit


Puella Magi Madoka Magica by nomen

R Edit

Rainbow Dash by ztrot and Quaraezha

Redd Glass by Haskorion

Reisen Udongein Inaba by MLGnom

Reiuji Utsuho by MLGnom

Remilia Scarlet by MLGnom 

RWBY 2 Black by akkord

S Edit

Senki Zesshou Symphogear by Kurokami

Shakugan no Shana by MLGnom

Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan by RA272Nirvash

Skylanders by Garygoh884

Soda by Soda

Sonoda Umi by Minhtam

Sound Voltex II by Turret

STYL'D by Lorj

Suigintou by MLGnom

Summer by Raidexx

T Edit

東方Project - Hata no Kokoro by Elzapatoverde

東方Project - Hinanawi Tenshi by Elzapatoverde

taikomania IIDX 13 DonderfuL by crystalsuicune



Tewi Inaba by S A V E R Y

The Furry Skin! by TaitoTheHusky

Twilight Sparkle by ztrot and Quaraezha

U Edit

Unbreakable Machine-Doll by Kurokami

V Edit

- V O I D - by Ben_5917

Vicinity by DJNightmare

Vocaloid Project Skin by NoClue

Verin by Beatstatic

W Edit

Winter.. by [Garin

WonderVision3 by AussieEvil   

X Edit

Xenon by Chikilin00

Xi-Style by Xiao

Xi-Style G2 by Xiao

Y Edit

YUGEN by Garin

Yuzuki Yukari by Elzapatoverde