Catch the Beat(CtB) is a game mode that requires players to control a character to catch fruit in time to the music. The fruits fall from the top of the screen to the bottom, with the character holding a plate above their head.


Scoring follows the same multiplier as in standard, however, notes that add score are different from standard. A regular sized fruit gives a score of 300 times the multiplier. A large juice drop gives a score of 100. The smallest drop (also called droplet) gives a score of 10, however, missing droplets do not remove your current combos, while the others do. Accuracy is defined by how much you have caught and how much you missed.

Possible Grades

  • SS : 100.00% Accuracy
  • S : 98.01% to 99.99% Accuracy (You can have 'S' rank even if you make several misses)
  • A : 94.01% - 98.00% Accuracy
  • B : 90.01% - 94.00% Accuracy
  • C : 85.01% - 90.00% Accuracy
  • D : Any other accuracy under 85.00%.

A silver S or SS means that the song was played using the 'Hidden' or 'Flashlight' mod.


By default, the left and right arrow keys are used to move the catcher. Pressing the left shift key with one of the arrow keys will make the catcher dash in that direction (indicated by a bright glow around the catcher).

Hyperdash is an automatically triggered gameplay element in Catch the Beat play mode, designed to obliterate "impossible jumps" (where two objects were previously impossible to catch because of the distance that separated them). It is automatically activated when obtaining a red glowing fruit (the first of an impossible pair) and stays active until you are in range of the second fruit, or have already missed it. It will speed you up a variable amount such that if you are dashing, you will always be able to make it to the destination in time.

You may use mouse control if you enable the relax mod, but it will be unranked. This may help the player to get a gist of how the beatmap is like before playing it with no mods.

Sliders leading into jumps is self explanatory. Players will be forced to move slowly on a track going left for about a second, then have to change speed, direction, and pacing in order to keep up.

In RankingsEdit

Until April 10, 2012, Catch the Beat maps could not be ranked or be included in ranked maps. However, this has now changed, and mappers may now make CTB-specific difficulties, provided they follow the guidelines. These guidelines are very much a work in progress, but as more CTB maps are ranked and feedback is given from their players, the guidelines will evolve to be as thorough and comprehensive as the standard osu! guidelines.